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Hand Sanitizer Donation

We received an incredibly generous donation of hand sanitizer from Walmart Dublin - Britton Parkway. We were able to offer it to all 20 Columbus Division of Police precincts and to many of their specialized units including K-9, SWAT, and the Mounted Unit. We also were able to offer it to many of the other agencies we work with, and several of them accepted including the Franklin County Sheriff's Office, Gahanna Division of Police, Franklin Township Police Department, and Marion Police.

We really appreciate Walmart Manager Shad Griffin and his team for thinking of us, and so do the officers. It was fun to make these drop-offs because the officers really enjoyed getting hand sanitizer (it's the little things, right?). This was a big project, so the distribution took a while, and some of the CPD precincts that we dropped off to in the beginning contacted us later to ask if we had extra. It has aloe in it, so it's good to their hands, which is important when you have to use it frequently. (Yes, we happily gave them more. 💙)

Thank you, Walmart! This was great, and we're very grateful to you for doing this!


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