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Helping a Young Entrepreneur Rebuild His Business

This week, as the country prepared for Independence Day celebrations, Franklin County Sheriff's Office deputies worked to give an 11-year-old boy from the West Side of Columbus a chance at financial independence. This young man had a lawn care business that helped support his family, but after his lawn mower was stolen, he started to get in trouble with the law.

Long-time Starfish partner, Patrol Deputy Lowell Wood, along with deputies from the FCSO Special Investigations Unit, the Central Ohio Violence Eradication Response Team, and the Specialized Tactics & Investigative Narcotics Group, reached out to Starfish for help. They asked if we could provide a lawn mower for this deserving child, and we were thrilled to assist. Thanks to donations from Byers Auto Group and individual donors to our general fund, we were able to purchase a lawn mower and gas can within hours of their request.

The deputies not only helped the young man assemble the new lawn mower but also gave him valuable advice on maintaining it and ensuring it is securely stored to prevent future thefts. The very next day, he and two friends were seen traveling around the West Side, looking for customers.

We hope that if you're lucky enough to have them knock on your door, you'll give them the opportunity to take care of your lawn.

A big thank you to the deputies for bringing this Assignment to us and to our generous donors for making this possible.


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