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Huy Elementary Books & Badges

This is a fun guest post from Albie, the best friend of Columbus Division of Police Officer Stuart McGinn. Albie is a one year old Golden Retriever and a certified therapy dog, and we think you'll love him.

Woof! It's me, Albie, the happiest Golden Retriever around and proud personal sidekick to Officer Stuart McGinn! Yesterday, I had the adventure of a lifetime. My human and I got to spend the day with the amazing third graders at Huy Elementary School, thanks to a special program called Books & Badges.

As Officer McGinn read stories that filled the room with magic, I got to do what I do best—meet new friends, give out free tail wags, and soak up all the pets and hugs I could. The kids and Mrs. Zaborniak were so welcoming! There's nothing better than being surrounded by so much love and excitement.

I'm not officially part of Columbus Police, but I like to think of myself as Officer McGinn's best buddy and a volunteer who brings joy wherever we go. After a day full of love, laughs, and lots of attention, I was pooped! I had the best nap, dreaming about all the wonderful people I met.

And here's some tail-wagging news: I've heard through the grapevine (okay, maybe from Officer McGinn) that Starfish has a whole bunch of exciting events coming up! I'm over the moon thinking about all the adventures ahead and the new friends I'll make along the way.

Stay tuned, everyone! I can't wait to spread more happiness as I volunteer with Starfish Assignment.


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