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Lazelle Woods Trunk or Treat

Hard to believe that the end of October is rapidly approaching, but we're excited because that means trunk or treat season is upon us! Officers have asked us to help with at least eight events, and we're thrilled to support these community parties, which let officers interact with the citizens they love so much.

Our first one happened yesterday on the north side of Columbus at Lazelle Woods Community Center. There, Columbus Division of Police Sergeant Sean Blood and Officers Phil Callaghan and Myisha Fulton handed out candy and Halloween-themed "slap bracelets" to some very happy kiddos. Sergeant Blood said the children particularly liked it when the officers put the bracelets on for the kids, information we've passed on to the officers who we ordered some for next week's trunk or treat.

Thanks to Columbus Recreation and Parks Department for another fantastic event. We love everything you do for the community, and we'll be seeing you again soon. Thanks also to Starfish donors for your contributions that allow us to support these fun and safe times for children.


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