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Linden Thanksgiving Event

Starfish Board Member and Linden Community Center Manager Mario Dovell joined forces with Kerry Charles of NBC4, CareSource, Joy 107.1, Byers Auto Group, and multiple other sponsors to provide a happy Thanksgiving for the residents of Linden yesterday. Their outreach included offering 270+ Thanksgiving boxes, 450 hot meals, and bags filled with goodies to drive-up recipients. Our friends from Columbus Division of Police helped with planning, distribution, and traffic control--the line of cars stretched for blocks, but people were in great spirits and everything ran smoothly.

The police officers' boss, Safety Director Robert W. Clark, and Assistant Director Robert L. Stewart, were both there the entire time, helping to distribute items, as were members of the Linden McKinley Boys Basketball team and their coach, Kevin Darthard (who's volunteered at Cops & Barbers), and many fraternities and sororities and community members, as you can see from these fun photos.

One woman in line mentioned she had been burglarized this week. The volunteers were able to provide her with gift cards and food, helping her to have a happy holiday despite the hardship she faced. What a great and meaningful way to spend an evening.


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