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Look At All Those Bikes!

Our 2021 "Bikes & Badges" Bikes Assignment is going wonderfully! Today the 614cadets and Columbus Division of Police officers picked up the bikes from the Dublin Justice Center and other areas of the city. Look at all of them! Thank you for this amazingly generous response. If you contacted us at and we haven't picked up your bike yet, we will. But feel free to follow up just to make sure you're on the list.

Next week, we'll begin repairs as we work to give out over 400 bikes to kids in Linden, the Hilltop, the East Side, and South Side through Columbus Recreation and Parks Department. We'll need to buy reflectors, bike tubes, seats, oil, and other items to make sure all the bikes are ready for their new, happy owners. We ask for your donations to help purchase these parts. Thank you for your support!


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