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Make A Difference Award: Officer Kelie Moffitt

Today, we joined with our friends at Gahanna Division of Police to recognize Officer Kelie Moffitt for the difference she has made during her years of dedicated service.

We were honored to partner with Gahanna Mayor Laurie Jadwin, Safety Director and Starfish Advisory Board Member Tim Becker, Chief of Police Jeff Spence, and many others to present her with both Mayor Jadwin's "Starfish Officer of the Quarter Award" and the Starfish "Make a Difference Award."

The presentation was a carefully kept surprise for Kelie, who loves her job and the people she serves, but definitely does not do it for recognition. We were thrilled that we managed to keep it quiet, and more than one of us teared up as we spoke about what a difference she's made during her time at Gahanna.

Kelie will retire next month, so we are very aware that this is one of the last times we'll be able to see her in uniform and talk to her about her upcoming Books & Badges event. She is a shining example of service and we have been privileged to work with her. We know the citizens of Gahanna agree with us. We also know that Kelie will find ways to continue spreading her light and making a difference in retirement.

Thank you to everyone who came together to make today's celebration special. Your presence and support made a beautiful day truly exceptional.


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