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Make A Difference Award: Sergeant Bill Morris

Today, we awarded the first-ever Make a Difference Award to Sergeant Bill Morris of the Dublin Police Department! The presentation took place during a special Books & Badges reading event at Wyandot Elementary School. Sgt Morris was joined by his fellow officers Gwen Whittaker, Chad Patrick, and Deputy Chief Nick Tabernik, who also serves on the Starfish Board.

The officers brought the magic of storytelling to the first graders, reading "The Caring Me I Want to Be," and the children were thrilled, enjoying every word! Each student took home their own copy of the book, and Sgt Morris's class lined up to have him autograph their books.

There was a sweet moment when Sgt Morris accidentally skipped a page during his reading. When he finished, the children politely told him he missed a page. He went back, read it, and apologized for his error. The children modeled the caring and kind themes of the book and happily told him, "That's OK!"

The Make A Difference Award and the Books & Badges event represent the power of small acts to make a big difference. Thank you, Sgt Morris and all law enforcement officers, for your dedication, leadership, and kindness! You are truly making a difference.


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