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Making Connections

We've mentioned before that sometimes the role we play in Assignments is simply about being able to bring the right people together. That happened again recently when South Side Columbus Division of Police Officers Heidi Graber and Amanda Hoover (shown here at our December 2021 coat drive) contacted us about a family who not only lost everything in a fire, but had their only remaining money stolen from them shortly afterward.

We immediately asked our friend Kathy Jackson from I Support the Girls - Columbus (pictured above in blue) to help us with some aspects of the Assignment, and when we learned the family was returning to their hometown of Logan, where we don't have any contacts, Kathy took over entirely because she does. She works with New Life Christian Center in Lancaster, and they wrapped this very deserving family in love, delivering two truckloads of household items, cleaning supplies, clothing, shoes, hygiene items, and other items to their home.

How wonderful to see the joy on their faces. Thank you to everyone involved in helping uplift this sweet family after their tragedies.


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