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Mega Load

Starfish Founder/President Nicole Banks had the thrilling opportunity to ride along with Columbus Division of Police Lieutenant Mike Holbrook as CPD joined forces with a stellar team to move the twelfth "super load" of the year. This one, however, was extra special—a "mega load"!

The mega load, an air processor destined for the Intel facility in New Albany, is a behemoth: 23' tall, 20' wide, 280' long, and weighing a whopping 916,000 pounds. To put that in perspective, it's nearly as long as four tractor trailers and weighs as much as 279 Honda Accords!

Today's 12-mile journey was a marvel of meticulous planning and teamwork. Highway signs were temporarily removed, stop lights and various wires were raised, and every bridge and culvert was inspected by a Franklin County engineer as soon as the load passed to ensure no damage was done.

Danny from Edwards Moving & Rigging has 50 years of experience under his belt, and he expertly navigated the load, even making tight turns on two-lane roads with cool composure. One of the most interesting parts of the route involved a "counter flow" maneuver at Rager Road, where the team drove on the wrong side of the highway, and then up the wrong way on a ramp to get onto northbound Gender Road to avoid the steep curve and potential damage to the overpass.

This mega load still has a few more days of travel before it reaches its final destination. Kudos to the Columbus Division of Police, Ohio Department of Transportation, Ohio Highway Patrol, Franklin County Engineer, City of Columbus Public Utility Department, and all the dedicated professionals who made today's leg a success. It was a day to remember, showcasing incredible coordination and expertise.

Thank you all for your hard work and dedication, and a special thanks for allowing Nicole to accompany you on this remarkable journey!


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