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National Forensic Science Week

We were thrilled to be asked to participate in a luncheon honoring the personnel at the Columbus Division of Police Forensics Services Center in honor of National Forensic Science Week. These hardworking scientists do amazing behind the scenes work, so we're happy that there is a week set aside to honor their accomplishments. Members of the Starfish board got to tour their facility last year and learn about the contributions they make through analysis of DNA, fingerprints, handwriting, drugs, firearms, and documents. Their importance to the resolution of crimes and to bringing justice to victims and their families cannot be overstated.

We were joined by CPD Deputy Chiefs Greg Bodker, who oversees the Crime Lab, and Tim Becker, who works with the detectives that gather the evidence the Crime Lab processes, and Sallie Cerrie of CME Federal Credit Union, who sponsored the luncheon.

Starfish and CME were treated to a tour of the facility. It truly is amazing. Like so many things about CPD, we're very lucky to have this here in our city. In the firearms area, there was a line of weapons laid out, just a part of one person's work for the day, and it was mind-boggling to imagine that those were the result of ILLEGAL carry/uses of firearms brought in because of the efforts of our officers. Laboratory manager Angela Farrington said they processed over 3,500 weapons last year, and they're on pace to do far more this year.

Thank you to everyone at the CPD Forensics Services Center for what you do for the city and for the victims and their loved ones. We appreciate your efforts very much! ❤️

If you'd like to read about our tour last year, it's available here. You can read more about National Forensic Science Week here.

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