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October RREACT Event

We had a busy, wonderful day today, and it started off at the Columbus Division of Fire academy at the biannual RREACT event. We were thrilled to be invited to participate again. Because Columbus Division of Police Officers Rachel Thomas and CarrieMae Hazelrig planned this with us several months ago, we even found discounted Halloween books online to hand out to the kiddos, just a few weeks before the prices went up, WAY out of our budget!

We also worked with Officers Thomas and Hazelrig to provide treats for the kiddos. The officers bagged them up and decorated them with festive stamps. They even had a Starfish Assignment stamp made!

We were joined by multiple Starfish board members and friends of Starfish, but we want to give a shout out to Sergeant Christopher Smith-Hughes, who came while he was on vacation to see everyone! He even stayed over the time he'd allotted himself because he was having so much fun.

RREACT holds these events every six months, and we encourage you to come to the next one. They have free produce, free Narcan, information about available community resources, and a drug take back area. Plus a whole lot of people who will be very happy to see you. Follow the Columbus Division of Fire on social media to make sure you hear about the one in April.

Thank you for the invitation, RREACT, and thank you to our Starfish donors for making so many people happy today!


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