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Officer James Strozyk

Last week, Columbus Division of Police Officer James Strozyk passed away due to complications from Covid-19. He was 49-years-old and had spent 17 years protecting and serving the citizens of Columbus. Our deepest condolences go out to those who love him.

We did not have the opportunity to work with Officer Strozyk, but we know many officers who did. One of those is Officer Seth Eckel, who you may remember reading about here recently when he and some of his fellow probationary officers decided to get backpacks, school supplies, and school uniforms for Olde Orchard Elementary School. We were able to help them with that.

Officer Strozyk was one of Officer Eckel's training officers. Officer Eckel said he really appreciated learning from him and shared this story with us about how wonderful Officer Strozyk was, "I remember going on a call where a mentally distressed individual was stating he was going to harm himself. Jim talked to him and calmed him down. Jim asked why he was so upset and the individual stated he has had a rough life and mentioned he barely owned anything, not even a television. We got the individual help at the hospital, and the next day Jim shows up to work with a TV and a DVD player and he took it to the individual's home. The man was beyond excited for the television."

From what we've heard about Officer Strozyk, this act of kindness was not uncommon. What a beautiful legacy to leave behind. Rest easy, sir. You have done your duty well. 💙


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