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Our Third Anniversary!

Today is our third anniversary! Thank you for supporting us and for letting us do the work we do. Three years ago today, we didn't know a single police officer in this city. We weren't even entirely sure this was a viable idea for a charity. But then Columbus Division of Police officers took a chance on us and worked with us to make a difference in the communities they serve.

Now we work not only with CPD, but with nine other agencies. With those law enforcement officers, and with the support of donors and people who spread the word about our efforts, we've been able to touch the lives of thousands of people in big and small ways.

We are also grateful to be able to play a role in helping bring the police and the community together, something that has been part of our mission since the early days of our founding. From Books & Badges to our Block Parties, the officers we partner with are excited to have opportunities to connect with the people they love and we're honored to play a part in that.

Thank you for these three years. We are excited to see what the future holds!


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