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Sanitizing Wipes

A few weeks ago, we received an amazing donation of hand sanitizer from our friends at Walmart Dublin (Britton Parkway). They recently helped us out again--this time giving us enough sanitizing wipes for every us to distribute to every Columbus Division of Police substation, many specialty units such as Mounted, SWAT, and K-9, and any detectives and non-patrol officers who needed them. We were also able to distribute some to our friends at the Franklin County Sheriff's Office and Franklin Township Police Department.

Bonus: we had a lot of fun saying hi to everyone involved as we did this project, including the 614 Cadets, who helped load the truck full of wipes destined for Mounted, K-9, SWAT, and Ordnance, and Walmart Manager Shad Griffin and his team, who were incredibly kind. Thank you so much for this donation!


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