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Sgt Ed Daniher

We wrote earlier this week about Columbus Division of Police Sergeant Ed Daniher, who, with 43 years of service is the longest-serving officer currently with the Division. Yesterday, we were speaking with 14 Precinct Community Liaison Officer James Poole about some of the changes Sgt Daniher has seen since he joined the Division in 1977 and thought you might find them interesting (other officers feel free to add comments):

  • Radios. They didn't have individual officer radios when he joined.

  • Computers, and obviously, email.

  • Cell phones and smartphones and texting. (Haha!)

  • The Division used revolvers when he joined. He had to switch over to a semi-automatic.

  • Too many law changes to mention here. Policing itself has changed enormously, and officers are constantly being trained about those changes.

  • Officer safety has also changed. For example, when Sgt Daniher started, there were no barriers in police cars protecting them from suspects in the back.

Through it all, his devotion to duty and to his community hasn't wavered. Obviously, he could have retired long ago, but he's chosen to stay and to protect and serve us. Most of us get at least a bit frustrated in our jobs when changes occur. Maybe we can learn something from a man who has weathered 43 years of change and still smiles and still engages his community with the joy you see in these photos.


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