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Shop With the Sheriff

We were able to help support the Franklin County Sheriff's Office Shop With the Sheriff program this year by providing pizzas, 2-liter bottles of soda, cookies, and an assortment of hot chocolate for the families involved. We've been close to the FCSO since November 2018, when Sergeant Jason Ratcliff saw us on social media and invited us to meet with them. He and Deputy Darrah Metz even spoke at a Starfish meeting last year, which was a huge honor. The FCSO Therapy K9 program, which Sergeant Ratcliff and Deputy Metz are part of, is very well-respected and they're in constant demand as speakers across the country. We're proud to know them and to work with them.

We also got to see Deputy DeMarco Marable, who read for Books & Badges this summer. He and other deputies wore Santa hats as they happily handed out toys to families driving up to the FCSO office. Due to Covid-19, the deputies shopped for the families from their list, and then wrapped all the toys for them. As each car arrived, Jose Morales-Crispin, the FCSO's Community Outreach and Engagement Manager, would announce which family it contained and the Deputy Elves would gather the toys and food and take them out to their car. It was very well-organized and very fun to be part of.

As you can tell from the pictures, Therapy K-9's Woody and Mattis were as captivating as always. Mattis was a bit reluctant to get his portrait taken due to all the activity, but Woody was very happy to pose for us. Such good boys!

Thank you for your donations on Giving Tuesday that made this possible, and thanks to the FCSO for including us in this great event!


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