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Starfish Assignment Licking County

We have exciting news to share. We have officially opened a new branch-- Starfish Assignment Licking County! This stand-alone charity is headed by President Jamie Wright. You will remember we met her and her Columbus Division of Police Officer husband, Eddie Wright, when Ofc James Poole did the Assignment with us for Shaunea Butler last year. Jamie, who owns Wright/Dolbow Insurance, donated the policy for Shaunea's "new" car from Lindsay Honda. 💙

Since then, Jamie and Eddie have been very involved in Starfish, most recently seen at 8/16 Precincts a few weeks ago, when we fed the officers there on A & B Company, and they've been wanting to give back to their home community of the "LC" in the same way that Columbus is benefiting from Starfish. Through a whole bunch of very happy, Starfish-like coincidences, it became clear to all of us that this was the path we should be taking, and we're thrilled to launch Starfish LC. As it happens, we've already talked to multiple law enforcement agencies in Licking County, who are just as excited as we are about this opportunity.

Starfish LC already received their Articles of Incorporation, and they're in the process of filing their 501(c)(3). After that, they'll take tax-deductible donations just like Starfish Columbus does. In the meantime, if you're able to make a contribution to help them get started, we can accept it on this post and will make sure the funds get to them.

We're working on a separate post to introduce you to Starfish LC's fantastic board of directors. That should be ready on Saturday! In the meantime, they're available on Facebook and Twitter. Go say hi!


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