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Starfish Connect Books & Badges

Did you know ostriches can't fly? Or that they eat pebbles? We learned this and more at our latest Starfish Connect event. Columbus Division of Police officers brought the magic of Books & Badges to life, reading "Truths & Myths About Weird Animals" to students at Sullivant Gardens Community Center. Each child went home with a copy of the book, which the officers autographed for them.

A highlight of the event was when Officers Naples and Righter shared about a time they captured a bat that was in a citizen's home, mesmerizing the kids (and us!). Their story really demonstrated the unexpected adventures that policing can bring.

Starfish Connect is about more than just a day of fun and learning; it's a year-long commitment to nurturing trust, respect, and curiosity among our youth, law enforcement, and community figures. Through interactive activities, field trips, and the generous support of our partners, we are building bridges and enriching lives.

A huge thank you to everyone involved - the officers, the children, and the staff at Sullivant Gardens. Here's to many more successful events and the endless possibilities that can come from opening young minds.


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