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Thank a Police Officer Day 2021

We try to constantly show our appreciation for law enforcement officers. Especially now, when they're leaving the profession at such high rates, kind words and deeds matter. Today is Thank a Police Officer Day, and we wish we could physically thank the thousands of men and women at all ten agencies we work with. Since that's not possible, we went back to our roots and thanked the officers of Columbus Division of Police's Hilltop and South Linden substations with the gift of--you guessed it--donuts.

Without the guidance and support of Officers Ed Chung and Pete Casuccio, who still patrol the streets of those neighborhoods which they love so much, we would not be the charity we are now.

We thank them and the other officers who work with us. We could not do this without you. Beyond that, we thank all officers everywhere who go to work every day, trying to make a difference. We appreciate you, we love you, and we are very grateful for what you do. Thank you and be safe.


Below: Officer Chung with the new officer he's training, Zach Walker, who's already been following Starfish for months.


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