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Thank You, Mrs. Posey!

For an incredible 40 years, Mrs. Posey has been an Easter angel, creating and donating baskets for children who might not otherwise receive them. We've been honored to partner with Mrs. Posey for five of those Easters--when the pandemic shut down her usual distribution channels, her husband, Dick, knew we worked with law enforcement and connected us.

Mrs. Posey, her family, and friends gather together to create hundreds of baskets, and this year we received more than 150, which went to the Columbus Division of Police and the Franklin County Sheriff's Office. As you can see, they've already allocated to children across the city.

This is the last year that Mrs. Posey will be distributing Easter baskets. We're incredibly grateful for her partnership and dedication, and we know first hand that she has made thousands of children feel special over the years, but she will still remain very involved in the community in other ways.

Mrs. Posey, thank you so much for everything you've done.


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