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Thank You, Walmart!

We want to give a huge shoutout to our friends at Walmart Dublin - Britton Parkway. Not only have they helped us with events such as our Adams Community Center Block Party and Cops & Barbers, but they frequently donate useful items to us. We were thrilled to receive additional donations of sanitizing wipes from them--enough that we were able to give some to all of the Columbus Division of Police precincts and any of our other nine agencies who wanted them, AND we were able to give a bunch to the 911 Emergency Communications Center, with plenty left over to go to the CPD supply center for officers to get more from as they need it. (Thanks to the 614cadets for making those deliveries!)

Our president/founder, Nicole Banks recently did a ride along on Zone 1 (North Side) with Lieutenant Chris Lieb and she said she saw packages of wipes in all the precincts she went to, and that many of the cruisers she saw had them in there as well. So, Walmart, thank you! You're helping officers stay clean and healthy!

But that's not all! They recently donated a bunch of school supplies to us. We're so excited about this because officers frequently encounter kids who need these. We have some volunteers who are going to help us package these in "grab & go" bags for officers to easily hand out. We also received hygiene items, blankets, and a few serenity rockers for infants. How wonderful, right?

If you're an officer at one of our partner agencies and you'd like some of these items, please email us from your work account to We will be happy to connect with you!

Finally, a big thank you to Officer Dan Snyder and his friends for picking up that enormous truckload of items and unloading it at Starfish Headquarters. You all rock! Do you need more of those awesome sanitizing wipes because we will absolutely give you the right of first refusal. 😄


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