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The Wartel Family Foundation

We'd mentioned in our post about the event at Milo Community Center that "Starfish" had donated funds for Friday's cookout and, of course, the books for the Books & Badges readings that occurred. Well, we wanted to elaborate on that a little bit, because this will also put a smile on your face (and you know we love to do that here at Starfish). The Wartel Family Foundation has provided us with a generous donation to do these types of Books & Badges events across the city. We initially thought we would be doing them in classrooms, of course, but the kids and officers love Books & Badges so much we decided not to wait.

Thank goodness we didn't! What a great time everyone had at Milo with Columbus Division of Police. The kids learned about bike safety, got to play games with officers, had a great meal, and received a free book that is a treasured favorite of many.

We are already working with Mario Dovell to plan another event at the other Columbus Recreation and Parks Department center he manages, so stay tuned.

Thank you to the Wartel Family Foundation for making these events possible. 💙


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