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Valentine's Day AEP Ohio Coat Drive

Today, Valentine's Day, we teamed up with our dear friends at AEP Ohio​ and the Columbus Division of Police​ to show love to children in need across the city. This is the third wave of coats AEP Ohio has purchased for this cause this winter and that CPD officers have then distributed to people they see who need coats. We love that everyone is working together to make sure all children have the gift of warmth.

With today's purchases, we'll be able to get over 700 brand new coats directly to people who need them. Ofc Kasey Hill (12 Precinct, East Central Columbus) took a load of coats to kids at Blackburn Rec Center. Community Liaison Ofc James Poole (20 Precinct, Far East Side), who many of you know from multiple Assignments with us, purchased a few extras because he sees kids at bus stops without coats. He'll be able to hand a few out to children as needed now. Ofc Shawn Lutz (5 Precinct, South Linden) is taking a large delivery of infant coats to CelebrateOne​, a group that works with pregnant women

These are just a few examples of where the 111 coats we purchased today are heading. It was a fantastic day, and we are very thankful to AEP Ohio for making it possible.

We'd also like to thank the staff at Burlington, 3575 W. Dublin Granville Rd, especially Naomi, who checked us out, and store manager, Rick. They were all very gracious and patient with us.

We also want to thank all the officers who came to buy coats and to help organize things: Lt Scott Bartholow, Sgt Paul Szabo, Det CarrieMae Hazlerig, Ofc Joshua Bell, Ofc Andre Earle, Ofc Kasey Hill, Ofc Shawn Lutz, CLO James Poole, CLO Kelly Shay, and Ofc Dan Snyder. We absolutely would not be able to do this without you.

💕💖We do hope your Valentine's Day was as happy and lovely as ours.💕💖


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