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Valentine's Day Blessing Bags

Today we partnered with Sahara-Columbus, Columbus Division of Police, Franklin Township Police Department (FTPD), and the Columbus Regional Airport Authority (CRAA) Police Department to spread love throughout the city in honor of Valentine's Day. Volunteers, mostly children, with Sahara-Columbus, made the following bags of items for the officers to pass out:

  • 30 bags of groceries, lovingly decorated

  • 30 bags for people experiencing homelessness, each with an uplifting note or sweet piece of artwork enclosed

  • 200+ bags of treats for children

CPD Chief Mike Woods thanked the officers and Sahara-Columbus volunteers and parents for participating, then gave each of the children gold badge stickers, which they loved. Community Liaison Officers James Poole and Dave LaRoche also gave them items to thank them for all their hard work. (And if you look at the artwork on the bags, you'll agree that they definitely worked hard!)

As you can see from the photos, CPD Officer Timotheus Williams gave out bags in the Wedgewood area with Starfish volunteer, Jack Carlin (we heard Jack had a snowball battle with some children and may have come out on the losing side).

Five Precinct Officer Shawn Lutz met up with Miss Nicole, a woman who lives in South Linden, and is very proud to be part of the change in the area. While he was there, Officer Lutz checked to make sure Nicole's son was keeping his room clean (she said he's been doing a good job with that).

Officer Ed Chung is passing out bags on the Hilltop, and other officers will be doing the same on the East Side. Homicide detectives and Officer David Jones and his partner, Ayko are also participating.

CRAA Officer Joe Creitz picked up bags for children at the John Glenn Columbus International Airport, and FTPD Officer Joe Sheridan received food bags, bags for people experiencing homelessness, and kid's treat bags.

With all this joy going out across Columbus, we're sure we'll have more updates for you on this one.


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