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Virtual Books & Badges: DC Becker

While our Books & Badges program is on hiatus due to COVID-19, we're teaming up with Columbus Division of Police to bring the program to you virtually. Join us to have CPD Deputy Chief, and Starfish Board Member, Tim Becker, read excerpts from "Where the Sidewalk Ends." If you have a copy of this book, please follow along with us. (We'd love to see photos of you reading!)

DC Becker was born and raised in Columbus and is proud of his Hilltop roots. He joined the Columbus Division of Police in 1988 and rose through the ranks to his current position overseeing criminal investigators. DC Becker was a trailblazer for his family in the field of law enforcement, and now has many relatives working with him at CPD, including his lovely bride. He is the father of three sons, two of which serve in the National Guard, and a third who keeps him young.

DC Becker read excerpts from this book to a class at Eastland Performance Academy in January. Their favorite poem was, "Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout Would Not Take the Garbage Out!" which the Deputy Chief did such a great job on, you'd never know it was a tongue twister. Oh, but it is! We hope he'll read it on Facebook Live, though.


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