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Virtual Books & Badges: Ofc John Kifer and K-9 Carr

Join us on the Columbus Division of Police Facebook page for a very special, three-day event of Books & Badges: K-9 WEEK! Officer David Jones and K-9 Ayko kicked us off on Monday, and Brian Carter and K-9 Odja read yesterday. If you missed their readings, you can go to the "Videos" tab on the CPD Facebook page to see them. Now, Officer John Kifer and K-9 Carr will close out the week tomorrow, Friday, May 8 at noon. Ofc Kifer has been with CPD for 30 years and with K-9 for 3.5 years. He is one of the first officers we ever did an Assignment with here at Starfish when he met a grandmother who was on the streets of Franklinton, trying to obtain money for food and clothes for her grandkids. He referred her to us for help very shortly after we were established in the summer of 2018. We were able to assist her with her immediate needs and give her information about agencies able to provide long term solutions.


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