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Visit from FBI Cincinnati’s Evidence Response Team

We had so much fun with the children at the Salvation Army Summer Adventure Learning Program when the FBI Cincinnati’s Evidence Response Team paid a visit. The children were eager to learn about the FBI's work and how evidence is collected at scenes. They paid attention so well, showing interest in every detail shared by the team. Not only did they get to examine evidence samples, but they also had the chance to dust for fingerprints themselves! It was a hands-on, educational, and fun-filled time for everyone involved. Even the teachers joined in on the excitement.

We are incredibly grateful to the FBI for sharing their knowledge and making the event so special for the kids. So many hands went up when we asked if they were interested in working with the FBI when they grow up. Exciting!

Thank you to the Salvation Army for inviting us. This marks our fourth year participating in their summer programs, and it’s always a highlight of our summer!


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