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Welcome, Delaware County Sheriff's Office!

We are honored to announce our partnership with the Delaware County Sheriff's Office. Members of the Starfish team got to meet with them yesterday, and we are all excited to work together on Starfish initiatives.

Deputy Martin is especially looking forward to working on our Books & Badges program and was going to take one of the books home to try it out on his son. In this program, their deputies will read to kids and each child will be able to not only ask questions about the duties of law enforcement officers, but they'll be able to keep copies of the books read to them. We love the looks on the faces of the little ones when they find out they get to take them home--it's so much fun. Each book also has a sticker in them that says it's a gift from their friends at the Delaware County Sheriff's Office.

Deputy Johnson has been part of the Starfish family for over a year. She came and volunteered at our first Bikes & Badges Bike Drive with Dublin Police in 2021, and we loved working with her then. It's going to be fun having events in Delaware County that she and her fellow deputies can be involved with.

Please join us in welcoming the DCSO! Thank you to Sheriff Russell L. Martin and his leadership team for their support. We look forward to many great things from this partnership.


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