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Welcome Home, Officer Poole!

Celebrate with us as we welcome home CPD Officer James Poole and his son, Jonah, from their 40-day, cross-country bicycle journey! Yes--they did it! They started on May 1 in Santa Monica, California, and finished on June 10 in the waters near Washington, D.C.

They faced forest fires, road closures, bike breakdowns, bike wrecks, running out of water in the desert, huge mountains, dogs, aching muscles, sleepless nights, and countless other hardships. But they did it, and they did it with joy in their hearts as they went across the country raising awareness of the importance of first responders' mental health. They also made a lot of friends along the way.

Officer Poole shared some of his photos with us. He said he took over 1,500 (we love it!!), so he and Jonah will always have those to look back on. But we imagine the most precious memories will be in their minds.

We'd like to give a special shout-out to Officer Poole's wife, Jennifer, who gave everyone daily updates on how her husband and son were doing. We're sure their going on this journey wasn't the easiest thing for her, but she did it with a smile.

There is still time to donate in honor of what the Poole family has accomplished. They're asking for contributions to First Responders' Bridge, an amazing charity that does wonderful things for first responders' mental health. You can donate directly through their website. Thank you!


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