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Welcome, Jessica Maxwell-Certain!

We are delighted to welcome Jessica Maxwell-Certain to the Starfish Assignment Advisory Board! Having worked closely with Jessica for almost a year in her capacity as an FBI - Cincinnati partner, we have experienced the energy and dedication she brings to every project.

Jessica's enthusiasm for community service is infectious, and her commitment to making a difference is admirable and inspiring. As she steps into a leadership role with us, we are excited about the incredible initiatives we will launch together. Jessica's unique perspective, honed through her experience and dedication to community outreach, promises to enrich our team and enhance our ability to serve our communities and partners.

We are thrilled to embark on this new chapter with Jessica and are confident that her involvement will lead to many wonderful achievements for the communities we serve. Join us in welcoming Jessica Maxwell-Certain to our leadership team--here's to the amazing work we will accomplish together!

Please take a moment to learn about Jessica's background, below. To discover more about the rest of our amazing leadership team and their contributions, please visit our board and advisory board pages.


Jessica Maxwell-Certain is the Community Outreach Specialist for the Cincinnati Division of the FBI. She began working for the FBI in 2020 as a Police Officer and later transferred to the Cincinnati Division. Born and raised in Cincinnati, Jessica has lived all over Central Ohio and is passionate about its communities. Jessica is responsible for outreach in Ohio’s lower 48 counties, although her main office is in the Columbus Resident Agency.

Jessica received a bachelor’s degree in political science from Wright State University in 2017. Following graduation, she worked at Ohio State University with the Department of Public Safety.


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