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Welcome, Merced Police Department!

Please join us in welcoming Merced Police Department to the Starfish family! They have a strong passion for fostering community bonds and are already actively reading to children in schools.

But we're about to turn a new page together! MPD is joining our Books & Badges program, an initiative that goes a step further by giving each child a copy of the book to take home. This isn't just about sharing stories; it's about leaving a lasting impact on young minds and hearts, promoting literacy, and creating personal libraries filled with memories and adventures.

MPD officers have already demonstrated their dedication and enthusiasm through their community engagements, and they are especially excited to start handing out books through Books & Badges.

We can't wait for the officers to receive their first shipment of books and see the smiles on children's faces as they take their new treasures home. Please extend a warm welcome to our new friends in Merced, California!


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