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Welcome, Sergeant Smith-Hughes

Please join us in welcoming Sergeant Christopher Smith-Hughes as our new liaison to Columbus Division of Police. We have been working with Sgt Smith-Hughes since 2018, when he was literally one of the first people we met at the Division. He is the sergeant in charge of CPD Recruitment, and his office was across the hall from the Community Liaison Officers' roll call room. Founder/President Nicole Banks introduced herself to him when she went first went speak to them. He's been a huge supporter of ours ever since, and we are thrilled to be working with him in an official capacity.

Sgt Smith-Hughes already attends every Starfish event he can. He loves connecting with the community, especially young people, and you will always see him smiling. He is one of four officers who participated in our very first Books & Badges event on December 19, 2019. He also did a virtual Books & Badges reading during the pandemic, when kids were at home.

We love our agency liaisons and have a page dedicated to them on our website. Please check it out.


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