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Working Together

With the high cost of school supplies, we've been concentrating on getting as many bookbags full of supplies out as possible. Today, Columbus Division of Police Zone 1 Safe Streets helped us pack over 300 bookbags! They'll be distributing 50 of them, and the rest will go to three of our partner agencies--the Franklin County Sheriff's Office, Marion Police Department, and Marysville Division of Police.

That's something we don't mention very often, but we really love how the agencies in Central Ohio work together. On TV shows, you typically see agencies fight about jurisdiction, but our Starfish partners help each other out often. Remember, we couldn't do Bikes & Badges without agencies like Dublin and the Airport helping CPD, and CPD happily returns the favor on things like these bookbag stuffings. How sweet is that?

Just another reason why we refer to our little organization as a family.


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