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Zone 3 End of Summer Party

What a fun day we had yesterday on the West Side. Columbus Division of Police Zone 3 officers asked if we'd be willing to help them celebrate their accomplishments over the summer with a cookout, and we were thrilled to be asked. Our friend, Officer Julien Roffey, who usually runs the grill with Sergeant Andre Tate for events like Cops & Barbers and Bikes & Badges, picked up a new co-chef, Officer Stan Speaks, to serve his fellow Zone 3 officers.

West Side summer patrol successes included Operation Unity, which was a strategically directed operation held from 6 am on August 17 to 3 am on August 18. During that time, they made 92 total arrests, including 30 felonies, and seized 51.5 grams of cocaine and 29.9 grams of fentanyl.

Our friends on Zone 3 Safe Streets also had a very busy summer which included making 1,521 citizen contacts and seizing 78.7 grams of crack and 85 grams of cocaine. You may know Safe Streets as the "bike officers," which makes their accomplishments even more impressive. You also saw Zone 3 Safe Streets here when they did Books & Badges readings at Glenwood Community Center in June.

We didn't take a ton of photos at the party because no one likes to get photos taken while they're eating, right? But we did get a few for you. Thanks to Byers Auto Group and CME Federal Credit Union for sponsoring this event--we couldn't have done it without their support. We even had door prizes for the officers, which were a huge hit. Truly made the officers feel special and appreciated!


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