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Zone 5 Officer Of the Year

Today our dear friend, Columbus Division of Police Officer Dan Snyder was honored as Zone 5, B Company Officer of the Year, along with A Company Officer Matt Jenkins and C Company Officer Jeff Ward.

Officer Snyder's sergeant, Ken Kropp, read a lengthy write-up about what distinguishes Officer Snyder's service--it included his commitment to teaching officers how to stay safe as a defensive tactics instructor, his willingness to always lead from the front, and his desire to serve his community through Starfish and other opportunities.

You may remember that last year, Officer Snyder came to us with the idea of giving door security bars to every CPD substation and all detective bureaus that wanted them. Thanks to him, officers have so far given out more than 500 bars to victims of crime, to help keep them safe from people who may want to harm them.

Congratulations, Officer Snyder, on your well-deserved award. We are very proud to know you and to be able to work with you.


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