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Pumpkin Painting

We did a fun Micro Assignment last week we wanted to share with you. Our friends at AEP Ohio contacted us on Thursday afternoon and said they had three tickets to an American Girl Pumpkin Painting Party at Easton for the following day. The party included dinner, and they confirmed that it could be for boys or girls, and that it was actually better if the children didn't bring a doll with them due to mess of the paint. (This was really nice of them to clarify because the dolls are expensive and no one wanted the kids to feel left out.)

We reached out to our friends at Columbus Division of Police, and two officers on first shift at 13 Precinct (South Side), Ofcs Heidi Graber and Aaron Neal, immediately thought of a father and daughter they had met. The father, Andre, is a hard working single dad trying to take care of his daughter, whom he loves very much. The family had been dealing with some personal issues and the officers thought this kind of gift would be exactly the break they needed.

Because it was late in the day, Ofc Graber contacted an officer on second shift to go by Andre's house to see if he and his daughter would like to go to the American Girl event. Did they ever! They were so overcome with joy that the officer was moved to tears.

The next day, Andre, his daughter, and a friend were able to go to the event, thanks to our caring friends at AEP Ohio and Columbus Division of Police. Please know that neither of these groups asked us to post this, and in fact when we asked AEP Ohio if we could share it, they said that they didn't do it for publicity. However, we replied that the world needs more good news, and that's what we like to do here at Starfish--spread good news. We hope this story made you smile like it did us.

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