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Starfish Connect Boys & Girls Club of Newark

We're thrilled to share that our Starfish Connect program has expanded to Licking County, thanks to a wonderful partnership with the Licking County Sheriff's Office and the Boys & Girls Club of Newark, Ohio! The event was a joyful celebration, with Deputies Shook, May, and Dunlap spreading smiles and laughter among the children.

The festivities began with Deputy Shook engaging the children by asking, "Are you guys ready to have fun?" Their resounding "YESSSS!" set the tone for an exciting day. We were happy to donate "18 Days Underground" for the LCSO's Books & Badges reading session, and each of the 50 children received a signed copy of the book to take home, creating lasting memories.

One of our favorite interactions was when a child asked Deputy Shook about his most important tool. His reply, "My words," underscored the power of communication. Another light-hearted moment came when a child inquired about the use of his baton, to which Deputy Shook humorously responded, "It's an awesome back scratcher!" This had everyone laughing.

The children also explored sheriff’s cruisers and tried on some gear, with one child commenting that the cruisers "passed the vibe check!"

During our initial discussions on how to support the Boys & Girls Club, they suggested a grill would enhance their summer events. We are grateful that Lowe's Home Improvement Store in Heath donated a fantastic grill, with the LCSO contributing a full propane tank. This generous support highlights an incredible spirit of collaboration, and we love to see it!

We had a fantastic time and are already looking forward to next month’s event with the FBI. A huge thank you to Deputies Shook, May, and Dunlap, as well as the staff and children at the Boys & Girls Club, for making this event so special.


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