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Help for House Fire Victims

We are grateful for Officer Kelie Moffitt and the incredible team at Gahanna Division of Police, whose compassion and generosity helped make a difference for a local family that lost everything in a recent house fire.

The family's father is serving overseas in the military, heightening their need for support during this challenging time. Thanks to generous contributions to our emergency fund, we were able to provide $500, which Officer Moffitt used to purchase essential clothes, toys, and a gift card for the family.

The highlight for the young boys? They're huge fans of the police, and Officer Moffitt made their day even more special with a tour of the police department and a peek inside a police cruiser! What an unforgettable experience for them!

A huge thank you to Officer Moffitt and Gahanna Police for their compassion and action. And to our donors, your contributions continue to make a significant impact.

Please consider supporting our general fund, which helps us make these types of donations quickly. Contributions can be made on our website. Your support helps us continue these vital community connections.

Thank you for being a part of our mission to make a difference!


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