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Gift Bag Wish List

On Christmas Day, Columbus Division of Police​ officers all across the city will be handing out gift bags to citizens they meet--as a way to brighten the day of everyone involved. We've had many officers sign up to participate in this event, and we need your help to make this happen.

After speaking with a number of officers about what to put in the bags and how to best differentiate them, we've broken the gift bags down into three categories (all unisex): adult, child, and homeless. The officers will be distributing 250 adult, 250 child, and 100 homeless bags.

ADULT BAGS (In a white gift bag): -LED Flashlight (PURCHASED) -Small first aid kit -Some festive candies

CHILD BAG (In a brightly colored gift bag): -Fun items provided by CPD's Community Liaison Team -One of the coolest rubber duckies you've ever seen--check out the picture on this post. Thanks to Ofc Heidi Graber (13 Pct, South Side) for telling us about these. As soon as we saw them, we knew they were perfect. (PURCHASED) -Candy treats

HOMELESS BAG (In a Ziploc bag to protect the contents from the elements): -Toothbrush (PURCHASED) -Toothpaste (travel size, only 50 needed) -Razors (PURCHASED) -Handwarmers -Socks -Hand sanitizer (PURCHASED) -Foil tuna or chicken pouch -Small package of baby wipes -Lip balm -Comb -Shaving cream (travel size) -Deodorant -Breakfast/granola bars

We've created an Amazon Wish List with most of these items on it (except the shaving cream and the candy). If you are able to obtain them somewhere besides Amazon, please send us a message to discuss. Of course, if you'd like to send us a donation towards the items, that would be greatly appreciated as well.

As always, thank you for your support!

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