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Gift Bag Items

Today we picked up a ton of deliveries for the gift bags that Columbus Division of Police​ officers are going to be handing out to citizens on Christmas day. Thank you so much to everyone who sent items today: Karyn Kovach, Carmen Long, Tiffany S Lykins, Kimberly Neisch, Mary L Patton, Stephanie Reffitt, Nancy Rich, The Ross Family, Kimberly Santangelo, Leah Stewart, and Angie Woods. (If we didn't mention you, we're sorry. The slips are small and easy to lose. Please message us!)

We're making 250 adult bags, 250 kids bags, and 100 homeless bags. Here's the post where we listed all the items if you'd like to see the break down of the bags.

Today we purchased all the first aid kits we need for the adult bags. The first aid kits are crucial to the adult bags, the supplier was running low on stock, and we have to make sure we have them in time to assemble the bags. But, we still need a lot of other items for the bags, so if you'd like to donate items, please see our Amazon Wish List. Donations are also very appreciated.

Thank you to everyone who is supporting this project. We're excited about it, and so are the officers we've spoken with. 💙

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