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Assignment Update: Hilltop Family In Need

ASSIGNMENT UPDATE: We were asked to provide utilities and clothing assistance for a Hilltop family.

REFERRING OFFICER: Columbus Division of Police​ Officer Ed Chung​, 19 Precinct, Hilltop.

FACILITATOR: Shannon McCroskey Rothwell

You may recall the charming way Ofc Chung recounted his interaction with this family because the child had manners "like an old school grandpa." From our original post: "He said the boy very politely interrupted his conversation with his mother saying, 'I have a boo-boo. May I get a Band-Aid, please?' When his mother told him he could, the boy thanked her before he left."

This family has fallen on hard times, and Ofc Chung asked us to see what we could do. Your donations of $255 were used towards bringing the family's utilities current and then paying them up through January ($139.60) and purchasing some second-hand clothing ($139.61). Starfish supporter Shana Beeson also donated clothing--thank you, Shana!

Today, Starfish Facilitator Shannon McCroskey Rothwell, Ofc Chung, and Ofc Ansley Rothwell (9 Pct, East Side) delivered the clothing to Shantaysha and her family. Shannon reported that family was very happy to see them and very grateful for the donations. The girls even did a little fashion show for them.

We are hoping you'll help us give this family some presents for Christmas. Shannon says this family has very little--not even a couch or a TV--and when she mentioned she was going to try to do something to give them a happy Christmas, Shantaysha hugged both her and Ofc Chung and started crying. "You could tell the help is truly needed," Shannon said.

Any money donated will go directly to helping this family. Thank you for your generous hearts. 💙❤️

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