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Assignment: Socks & Underwear for Kids

ASSIGNMENT: Socks, underwear, and bras for kids.

REQUESTING OFFICERS: Columbus Division of Police​ Officers Heidi Graber and Aaron Neal, 13 Precinct, South Side

Starfish Assignment volunteer Angie Denune asked us what she could help us with this holiday season. We asked if she'd be willing to help us get socks, bras, and underwear for kids. This is something Officers Heidi Graber and Aaron Neal asked us for in late October. They, and other officers around the city, frequently see kids going without undergarments. These items are hard to find second hand. This isn't a glamorous project with fun pictures, but it's such a necessity. No kid wants to run around without socks or underwear. That's such an uncomfortable feeling, and so embarrassing.

We had been talking here at Starfish about how to handle this request, and had decided that we'd do a big push after the holidays. But when Angie asked what she could do to help, we thought this would be good, and she has taken to this project with enthusiasm. She set up a great Amazon Wish List (which has already resulted in 25 items being purchased)!

Thank you, Angie for taking this on. We really appreciate your efforts. 💙

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