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30 Days of Kindness

In these challenging times, we want to do something that could make a difference not just with officers and people they work with, but in our readers' lives, wherever you are, no matter your age or your situation. With that, we'd like to invite you to participate in the Starfish Assignment 30 Days of Kindness Challenge. The rules are very simple: starting tomorrow (or anytime, really), do one act of kindness. It can be for a person, an animal, a city, the environment, or yourself. (We need to remember to be kind to ourselves right now, too.) Here are some ideas: Send a letter or an email thanking a person, a first responder, or a service worker who's made a difference for you. Pick up trash on your daily walk. Make a face mask for someone who doesn't have one. Ask your neighbor if they'd like the extra plants (or mulch) you have. Clean out your closet and donate your extra clothes. Give away the puzzles you've already completed to someone on your neighborhood Facebook group. The possibilities are endless, and we would love to hear what you do. Send us an email via Twitter, Facebook, or email us at, and we'll feature some of your messages and comments in updates throughout the month. Working with Columbus Division of Police​ we've proven we can make a difference, and here's another opportunity to do just that. Think of all the amazing things we'll be able to do over the next 30 days! We can't wait. #30DaysofKindness


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