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Assignment: Help A Youth Boxing Program

ASSIGNMENT: Support the youth boxing program at a Columbus Recreation and Parks Department center located very close to the 11/12 Columbus Division of Police Substation.

REFERRING OFFICERS: Columbus Division of Police Officers Daniel Snyder (11 Precinct) and Kasey Hill (12 Precinct). These precincts share a building, so they work very closely together. Eleven Precinct patrols South Central Columbus, while 12 Precinct patrols East Central Columbus.

When a person of interest ran into Blackburn Community Center recently, pursuing officers from 11 and 12 Precincts ended up talking to center staff about more than the person they were seeking. They found some really dedicated, community-oriented people who wanted their police officers to be involved in the centers. They found a boxing program that is training athletes' minds and bodies and keeping them off the streets. But they also found a program that is in need of new equipment, and young people that are in need of sponsorship so they can turn their hard work into the competition that all athletes dream of.

Ofcs Snyder and Hill are just two of the officers that would like to become more involved at Blackburn. In addition to being patrol officers, both train other officers in defensive tactics at the Columbus Police Training Academy, so they know the value of physical and mental conditioning.

Airrion Cummings, Assistant Manager at Blackburn, reminds us of our friend Mario Dovell from Adams Rec Center. He said he has the best job in the world, and he's very happy to have the kids in the center because it means they're not on the street. He took the time to show us the facility and explain to us what his center needs. Specifically, they have five children, ranging in ages from 8-18 who are ready for competition but cannot afford the fees for USA Boxing, which is $65 per calendar year. The rec centers do NOT charge the children anything to participate in boxing. Beyond the $325 total for the USA Boxing fees, we're also asking for donations of money or equipment for the center. They are in need of just about everything, so if you know a boxer, please share this with him/her. Even if you don't know one, please consider sharing this post, because your friends might know someone who can help. They particularly need 16-ounce gloves, and we're sure there are people in Central Ohio who would love to donate some. As always, thank you for what you do. We really appreciate you!


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