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Assignment: Help For a Mother of Two

ASSIGNMENT: Help fix the car of a single mother and her two daughters. Mom reached out for help for postpartum depression and is now doing better, but the officers would like to do what they can to get her on firmer footing.

REFERRING OFFICERS: Columbus Division of Police Officers Garrett Kennedy and Kevin Halbur, 11 Precinct (South Central Columbus)

Officers Kennedy and Halbur were called to a home on a report of a person who wanted to take her own life. There, they met a wonderful woman, Tina*, who was overwhelmed and admitted she needed help. Tina has two daughters, a 3-month-old and a 10-year-old, Regina, who is one of those happy, natural older sister types who tries her to take care of things.

Tina tried to tidy up her house when the officers arrived, apologizing for the disorder, and insisting that things were normally cleaner. They told her they didn't care and that they just wanted to get her some help. She relaxed and admitted that she needed it. They were able to talk to her and determine the best course of action, convincing her to go to a hospital to be treated for depression.

Regina charmed the officers. She loves school and has been dealing with a broken school-issued laptop for a few weeks. Her relative has been trying to get it fixed for while, and the officers are trying to work with Columbus City Schools to get it fixed. If anyone can assist with that, please email us.

Tina recently got out of the hospital and is doing much better. Officers Kennedy and Halbur asked what she needs, and her biggest challenge is her car--it is not running at all. It needs several repairs, including a new water pump, so we're asking for your donations to have that fixed. You can imagine the stress this puts on her. Any additional donations above the cost to fix the car will be used to help Tina and her two daughters. Thank you for your support.

Officer Kennedy said that as Tina was leaving for the hospital, Regina told her auntie who had come to stay with them, "I was praying to God for help, and the next thing I heard was a knock at the door and the two police officers were there."


*Names and identifying characteristics have been changed to protect their privacy.


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