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Assignment Update: Help a Charity Victimized By Crime

ASSIGNMENT UPDATE: We were asked to help Columbus non-profit The Brian Muha Memorial Foundation, Inc./The Run The Race Club after it had been vandalized by young teens. Its soon-to-open bookstore and t-shirt printing business, designed to teach young people how to run a business and other life skills, suffered thousands of dollars of damage. You can view the original post here.

REFERRING OFFICER: Columbus Division of Police Officer Nick Sands, 19 Precinct, Hilltop

After our post yesterday, we were contacted by both 10TV - WBNS and NBC4. Here are links to the NBC4 story, as well as Brittany Bailey's report from 10TV, which we took screen captures from for this entry.

Levi's 4 Floors heard about the damage and offered to replace not just the large area rugs we mentioned in yesterday's post, but any other flooring that they might need! Isn't that wonderful?

In addition, Ofc Sands and his wife are personally working on making jewelry to help replace some of the inventory lost during the vandalism. 💙

Rachel Muha said she will keep us posted on the progress of the shop, and we will announce the grand opening here once it's scheduled. So, more updates to come!


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