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Books & Badges: Oakland Park Elementary

Columbus Division of Police Officer Shawn Lutz (5 Precinct, South Linden) had a great time reading to the first graders of Oakland Park Elementary School last week as part of our Books & Badges program. The children almost immediately recognized him as one of the bike officers who was at the school a few months ago doing the limbo with them.

They loved the book, "Why Do Animals Hibernate," so much that they wanted to ask more questions about the animals than they did about policing. Good thing Officer Lutz is knowledgeable about many things. The only question that really stumped him was, "What is the world's biggest bat?"

On his way out, Officer Lutz stopped by to say hi to the kindergartners and see what they were learning. They had a quick dance party, and of course, Officer Lutz joined in. Such fun!


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