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Books & Badges: Southwood Elementary School

We had a fantastic time today with the third graders of Southwood Elementary School. Columbus Division of Police 13 Precinct (South Side) Officers Heidi Graber and Nick Siers read Stellaluna to the combined classes--48 kids all at once! But they were so well behaved and asked really nice questions, including what were the officers' favorite and least favorite "missions." (Ofcs Nick and Heidi are now going to call their dispatch runs missions, and maybe they'll be more fun. 😀)

Ofc Heidi said that her favorite mission was reading to the kids. Both officers agreed that their least favorite mission was when they have to see sad things. One of their other favorite missions was when they get to give a victim's property back to them and make them happy.

The kiddos were very smart and want the officers to come back and read again. They suggested that Books & Badges should be sponsored by a coffee and donuts business.


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