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Door Security Bars: Gahanna

We're proud to announce that our door security bar program has expanded to our partners at Gahanna Division of Police. Starfish volunteer Jack Carlin dropped off bars to our Gahanna PD liaison, Officer Kelie Moffitt, who will make sure they're available for Gahanna officers and detectives to give to victims when they need them to secure their homes.

The program was the idea of Columbus Division of Police Officer Dan Snyder after he tried to help a domestic violence victim barricade her door with items in her house because she was afraid her abuser might come back after the police left. He wanted officers to be able to give door bars out on an emergency basis to victims of crime so they can protect themselves. We loved the idea and partnered with Lowe's Home Improvement to make it happen. Since that time, the program has prevented at least one woman from being attacked and has given countless other people peace of mind.


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